Suzan Kostanich

Suzan Kostanich

p. +64 ‭64 21 730 562‬


For over fourty years I have had an enduring interst in textile arts, engendered by my late Mother's encouragement and practice of these.

My current practice encompasses the knowledge and skills I have developed over this time .Choosing to work in textiles has been a conscious decision based on on the tactiity and ability to manipulate commonly found fibres to achieve objects that transcend the ordinary.

I predominantly use handmade felt to achieve this and then dye, stitch, and hand-mould the felt to make more complex statements.

The physicality and often capricious nature of the process provides me with both a challenge and the satisfaction of achieving what at first may seem impossible.

“What if” is a principle that underpins my work as I constantly strive to increase the scope of my practice.

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