Rosie Ralph

Rosie Ralph

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Originally from Wellington Rosie currently calls New Plymouth home. For as long as she can remember, art has been a part of her life. Coming from a creative home, she grew up translating her ideas through many forms and mediums. She has now realised that painting is her language, becoming more and more fluent as she shows her work across the country. At the recent 2019 NZ Art show she was awarded a second place in the signature promotion prize, after a sell -out show the year before, she is now in full belief that being an artist is her true calling. 


“The intention of my work is to have you experience the very thing that enables me to create it. A state of mind that is achieved through connection of Self. This connection is gained through meditation techniques that have now become part of my process. I begin each piece with a blind first stroke (eyes closed for the first movement of my brush). The energy of the painting is determined by this first stroke, I never know what I'm going to paint before it comes, yet I definitely know when it's finished. My aim is to always feel as if I am the vessel of my creativity, to not over think and let my mind’s eye take the lead. These paintings reflect me but also reflect you. What you feel is uniquely yours, what you see is absolutely true.”

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