Kerin Casey

You Do It

This series of work began with a trip to the car wash with a friend.  She suffers from TIA’s; they are mini strokes that you recover from, but they still leave their mark.  In her case they have shattered her confidence and increased her anxiety over things that she wouldn’t previously have worried about.  Like the car wash.  Technology is becoming overwhelming for her and when it came to punching in the code for the car wash, she froze and said to me “You do it!”. 

After some of her worse TIA’s she experienced temporary loss of speech.  She has told me that words would form coherently in her head but then they came out as nonsense.  I formally explored this idea by developing the colours and shapes from inside the car wash, and using her phrase “You do it”, which for me summed up the shadow that has begun to loom over the little everyday things in her life.

Hide and Seek

Kerin Casey

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