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Chris Wells

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I studied a BFA for two years at Massey University in Wellington 2003/4 before succumbing to the poor student lifestyle and reverted back to working in kitchens for income. Not deterred by this setback I kept my artistic practice flourishing and produced multiple detailed pencil portraits of friends and family, a dozen or so collages derived from National Geographic magazines and experimented with both paint, time based arts and digital media. It was through all of my artistic experiments that I found my style and subject matters of concern which were mainly suppressed mysteries of history, in particular the Crop Circle phenomenon.


Although my current body of work is a far cry from where I started I still hold true to my original themes. The Ponga carving series came naturally to me at I time when I was open enough to explore outside of the gallery confinement. Working in nature has its rewards and challenges but persistence pays off, not without sacrifice and dedication to the cause. I fell in love with the idea of leaving artefacts along bush trails and gardens for future generations to ponder over. Each year my carvings will grow back into the land and transform with natures harsh seasons. Inspired by surrealism and contrast I loosely base my work on mythology but let each sculpture guide me along the carving process based on its location and natural gesture.


 Most of the time I am working out at Koru on Koru gallery on Koru Rd just before Oakura. It’s an amazing place to create and meet fellow artists and also a healthy source of inspiration for my current work.

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